Sunday, April 27, 2014

JokerBats Band- UPDATED MAY 2014

Byron and Trix got together and began talking about and coming up with ideas for a band........
Decided to take a while to work on new songs until ready to go public.
Also to create some strong videos as they are good with the visual stuff and felt that this would be a great way of getting across more about where they are coming from.
 Byron & Trix have made 2 videos so far, they can be seen on their facebook band page or  JokerBats Band website, youtube or vimeo.
 The two got together with a friend Exor (a sort of mentor) in summer 2012. He is helping them to put out JOKERBATS first single, album and videos on EvilZ-Records, a new label Exor  started in late 2012.
JokerBats are also working with Exor on 'EvilZgate'. This is a kind of back story.. a
supernatural world that  the band  are continually creating and serves as great inspiration for the songs and their future live shows.


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